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Winnipeg House Cleaning, your premier choice for top-notch cleaning services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. We take immense pride in delivering unparalleled cleanliness and creating pristine living spaces for our valued clients. With a team of highly skilled and dedicated cleaning professionals, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Our comprehensive range of services, including residential and commercial cleaning, ensures that every nook and cranny is thoroughly attended to, leaving your space fresh, inviting, and immaculate.

At Winnipeg House Cleaning, we understand the significance of a clean environment for your health and well-being, so we use eco-friendly products and advanced techniques to ensure exceptional results and a reduced environmental impact. Choose us today and experience the difference in our reliable, efficient, and customized cleaning solutions. Discover the ultimate cleaning experience with Winnipeg House Cleaning.

Less Stress. Less Hassle. More Time.

Spend your time on the more important things. We’ll clean your home.

It’s time to let All Clean By Anabelle focus on cleaning your home, so you can focus on life. Whether you need weekly, biweekly, monthly or one-time cleaning, your home will be cleaned to your highest expectations and your satisfaction is guaranteed.



Clients want a trusted solo house cleaner – but also need company benefits.  Most independent house cleaners don’t have insurance, don’t have back-up, and aren’t always the most reliable. But most companies want to send in cleaners SWAT team style to quickly rush through your home in 28 minutes.  And they often send different teams each time . . . with mixed results.

We blend what you love about a solo house cleaner (trust, comfort, efficiency in your home) with the company benefits you need (insurance, proper taxes paid, back-up in case of a sick day) by assigning your home to the same solo cleaner.  If it’s a bigger property, we can send two, but it will be the same two.  How’s that for different?


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Move In/Out Cleaning

Moving home? Our professional cleaners, as required, can clean the whole property, including the oven and carpets.

Deep Cleaning

Need help getting on top of the cleaning or have an upcoming special event? Our deep cleaning teams are here to help.


Keeping a clean and organized home is essential for a healthy and happy living environment. However, the demands of modern life often leave us with limited time to tackle household chores. This is where professional cleaning services like Winnipeg Maid Service come to the rescue. In this article, we will explore the top reasons why choosing Winnipeg Maid Service is the best decision you can make for your house cleaning needs.

  1. Expertise and Professionalism

All Clean By Anabelle boasts a team of highly trained and experienced cleaning professionals who excel in their craft. Their expertise extends beyond just sweeping and dusting; they understand the nuances of different surfaces, fabrics, and cleaning agents, ensuring that your home is cleaned with the utmost care and attention to detail. Moreover, their professionalism shines through in their punctuality, reliability, and respect for your privacy, making the entire cleaning experience smooth and hassle-free.

  1. Tailored Cleaning Solutions

Every home is unique, and so are its cleaning requirements. Winnipeg Maid Service recognizes this and provides personalized cleaning solutions to suit your specific needs. Whether you require regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, a one-time deep cleaning, or assistance with post-party cleanup, they’ve got you covered. Their flexible scheduling options ensure that your home is maintained at its best, leaving you with more time to focus on what truly matters.

  1. Thorough and Comprehensive Cleaning

When you choose All Clean By Anabelle, you can rest assured that no corner of your home will be overlooked. Their dedicated team is equipped with the latest tools and equipment, enabling them to tackle even the most stubborn dirt and grime effectively. From wiping countertops and sanitizing bathrooms to vacuuming carpets and mopping floors, their meticulous approach guarantees a spotless and fresh-smelling living space every time.

  1. Eco-Friendly Practices

As environmental awareness grows, more individuals are opting for eco-friendly solutions. The #1 Maid Service in Winnipeg is committed to sustainability and uses eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your family, pets, and the planet. These green cleaning practices ensure that your home looks great and is a healthier and safer space for your loved ones.

  1. Save Time and Reduce Stress

Hiring the best house cleaners in Winnipeg takes the burden of house cleaning off your shoulders, giving you the gift of time and peace of mind. Instead of spending your weekends scrubbing floors or dusting shelves, you can now spend quality moments with family, pursue hobbies, or simply relax. The stress associated with maintaining a clean home will be a thing of the past, allowing you to focus on enjoying life to the fullest.

  1. Background-Checked and Insured Cleaners

The safety of your home and belongings is of utmost importance. Winnipeg House Cleaners ensures that their cleaning professionals undergo thorough background checks and screening before being hired. This provides you with an added layer of security and trust. Additionally, the company is fully insured, protecting you from any liabilities that may arise during the cleaning process.

In conclusion, Winnipeg Maid Service emerges as the premier choice for house cleaning in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Their expertise, professionalism, tailored solutions, and commitment to eco-friendly practices provide an exceptional cleaning experience for your home. By entrusting your cleaning needs to Winnipeg Maid Service, you are investing in a pristine living space, gaining back valuable time, and reducing stress in your life. Choose Winnipeg Maid Service today and experience the joy of walking into a sparkling clean home, where you can truly relax and unwind.



Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products, and equipment?

Yes. We supply absolutely everything for your convenience. Our home cleaning professionals use only the highest quality products and the best equipment possible to ensure everything is done properly.

The only event of which we may not provide products, is if a customer has special requests and wants us to use something they provide

Is my billing information kept safe and secure?

Yes! We use an SSL (online security technology) that ensures our website will never be compromised in any way. Then, any billing information we keep is stored in a secured database that also will not be compromised in any way. Your security is our #1 priority.

Can I request special tasks or extras?

Absolutely! We love going above and beyond! Please, make a note under the “Anything else we should know about?” section of our booking form, so that you can request any additional services necessary.

This may be subject to extra costs if it includes carpet cleaning, or any of the extras already listed on the booking form.

Can I trust my cleaning professional?

Every cleaning professional we contract with is experienced and highly rated/reviewed by other customers. We believe that your trust and security come first; therefore, we hold our cleaning professionals to the highest standards.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

Simple! If you’re unhappy with your clean and feel as though our home cleaning professionals missed anything – give us a call and send us pictures within 24 hours and we will put it right.

Whats the difference between a deep clean and regular clean?

A deep clean is recommended for all first-time cleaning by All Clean By Anabelle. It allows us extra time to get all the areas that have been missed during regular cleanings in the past. After the initial deep clean, most customers switch to our standard cleaning service.

How do I update billing?

You’ll want to head to your account page, and under settings select billing. In that section it’ll allow you to update billing, address of clean, and your current subscription.

What day is my clean?

Please view your account page, Look under “Subscription” to see your next scheduled cleaning. Please remember if that day doesn’t work for you, you can always change it.

Will the same cleaner come every time?

Yes, upon request. Please understand that cleaners have personal lives, and can get sick, or request leave. If that occurs we’ll ask to either reschedule, or send a different cleaner.


If you’re seeking top-notch house cleaning solutions or maid service in Winnipeg, look no further than All Clean By Anabelle. With just 60 seconds, you can book your cleaning slot and trust our skilled staff to cater to all your house cleaning needs. As a minority-owned business, our utmost priority is ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Booking our first-rate housekeeping staff is a breeze – simply make a reservation online or contact us directly, and we will strive to fulfill all your requirements. Our reputation for reliability and trustworthiness precedes us, as we consistently deliver exceptional service.

Each cleaning staff member is a seasoned professional, proficient in their craft. We pride ourselves on maintaining client satisfaction while prioritizing their safety and trust in our services. Thorough background checks and evaluations are conducted before hiring any individual, ensuring a team of trustworthy and skilled professionals.

Finding the ideal cleaning service in Winnipeg that perfectly matches your needs can be daunting. However, All Clean By Anabelle simplifies the process, efficiently addressing all your requirements. Rest assured, our house cleaning services offer the most reasonable rates in Winnipeg. To learn more or book our services, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Let All Clean By Anabelle bring cleanliness and peace of mind to your home today.


Our skilled house cleaning staff is dedicated to helping you save time while ensuring your home is impeccably clean and neat. In Winnipeg our highly acclaimed services guarantee the best results, leaving you completely satisfied and eager to have us back.

When it comes to handling post-social gatherings or events with a lot to clean up, we step in to make the process hassle-free. All Clean By Anabelle is the ideal choice for superior, top-notch house cleaning services that will leave you impressed and coming back for more. Simply request a quote, book your slot, and relax as we take care of everything for you. There’s nothing more relaxing than returning to a clean and bright home after a long day.

In Winnipeg, our residential cleaning services cover various areas, starting with the bedroom. Tidying up the room, clearing the floor, and cleaning and polishing surfaces are just a few of the services we provide. We’ll even make the bed and wash the bed covers upon request, ensuring your personal space is always a calming and refreshing haven.

If the task of regularly cleaning your bedroom doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, our home cleaning experts are here to help. We’ll thoroughly clean your bedroom, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere within your home. Our services include dusting nightstands, TV stands, mirrors, shelves, and various household items. We also wipe down corners and ceilings to ensure no dust or cobwebs remain. Vacuuming and mopping the floors, including under furniture, are part of our standard procedures, and we’ll also empty trash cans and change bed sheets.

In the bathroom, cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance. All Clean By Anabelle ensures a spotless and fresh-smelling bathroom, paying attention to every detail from the sink to the shower hose. Our bathroom cleaning services include cleaning the washroom bowl and sink, shining and cleaning surfaces, and thoroughly scrubbing bathroom tiles and floors. We also clean the washroom exhaust, windows, and window panes to leave no area untouched.

The kitchen, being the heart of your home, deserves special attention. Preparing food often leads to messes, and cleaning up afterward can be time-consuming. Our cleaning services will ensure your kitchen is left clean and as good as new. We pay special attention to tidying and cleaning different surfaces, tables, chairs, and floors. Additionally, kitchen appliances like the microwave, fridge, and oven will be cleaned externally. You can also request internal cleaning of appliances if needed. With a focus on shining counters and pristine cupboards, we strive to provide a brilliantly cleaned kitchen.

In the living room, where family members and guests gather, constant movement can lead to messes. Our trained cleaning staff ensures every part of your living room is thoroughly cleaned, leaving no space untouched. We start by clearing and dusting spider webs, cleaning light fixtures, and surfaces of furniture. Your blinds, windows, and other furniture will be dusted and cleaned with care. Our housekeeping experts use vacuuming and cleaning techniques to eliminate dirt from shelves, nightstands, sofas, floors, and other types of furniture in the living room.

At All Clean By Anabelle, we take pride in covering every area and expertly handling all types of messes to create a clean and welcoming living space. We treat your belongings with care and can provide personalized services based on your specific needs and instructions. With our attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to keep your home in top-notch condition.


All Clean By Anabelle is here to deal with all your residential or house cleaning needs.

After we have cleaned your home, you won’t ever need to return to the way things previously were. Our expert one-time cleaning service that is of the greatest quality will cause you to become acclimated with having us around.

You can contact us online or call us whenever you want your home to be cleaned. There are consistent advantages that you can benefit from depending upon whether you’re a recurring customer and various offers you can check out. Contact us if you want to learn more. 


Our expert house cleaning staff can undoubtedly assist you with saving time, and you will easily be able to ensure that your home is perfect and neat after we have finished. With our highly acclaimed services in Winnipeg, Manitoba, you will obtain the best results, leaving you completely satisfied and eager to have us back. After social occasions or occasions of any sort at your home when there is a lot to clean, it would be hectic and unmanageable to handle messes like these, and this is where we come in.

All Clean By Anabelle is the most ideal decision for superior, top-notch house cleaning benefits and services that will make you return for more. You should simply ask for a quote, book your opening, and relax as we will handle and deal with everything for you. Nothing is more unwinding than returning to a clean, bright home after a long day.

All Clean By Anabelle’s residential cleaning services present in Winnipeg, Manitoba, include, Bedroom Tidying up your room, clearing the floor, and cleaning and polishing the various surfaces in your room. These are some services that we will provide. Making the bed and washing the bed covers to clean up your room can also be done as per your request. Your bedroom should always be constantly cleaned at regular intervals as this is your personal space that you will spend most of your time in. You should be able to unwind and loosen up as this is where you will rest to feel fresh and revived. Your room will look great and as good as new after you decide to make use of our expert services. If routinely cleaning your room simply doesn’t squeeze into your bustling day-to-day life, let our home cleaning experts help make your task easier.

Our room cleaning experts and the services we provide will easily be able to assist and take care of cleaning your bedroom for you. A thorough cleaning process can go far in making your room a calm and peaceful space in your home. Our bedroom cleaning services include dusting nightstands, TV stands, mirrors, shelves, and several household items that could be lying around. Embellishments, baseboards, and fans are also dusted along with surfaces that may be dirty or unclean. We wipe down corners of the room and the ceiling to ensure no dust or remaining cobwebs are present. Our cleaners will also vacuum the covers and mop the floors, whether hardwood, overlay, or tile. Vacuuming will be done for furniture and under it. The trash cans and waste will be emptied, and we will change the sheets and make your bed.

Bathroom Your bathroom should always be clean and spotless as this is where hygiene is very important. There are microorganisms and other harmful particles which could be present here. All Clean By Anabelle ensures that we dispose of any messy or undesirable substances and ensure your bathroom smells fresh and sparkles when we’ve completed the cleaning process. Everything is dealt with from the sink to the shower hose, leaving no area unclean. A messy washroom in a generally clean house is quite troublesome and unpleasant for you as well as any guests that may enter your home.

Some of the bathroom cleaning services we will provide are, washroom bowl and sink cleaning. We will shine and clean the surfaces in your bathroom. Your bathroom tiles and floor will be scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly. Washroom exhaust cleaning with window and window pane cleaning will also be done. Kitchen Your kitchen is the most important area in your house that should be completely clean and spotless. In your home, this is where you cook the food that you will eventually eat or consume. Preparing food frequently will obviously cause a mess, and you will have to clean the clutter left behind. This could majorly waste your time and be a hectic process.

All Clean By Anabelle can help with making sure that your kitchen is clean and as good as new after you employ our cleaning services. We provide unique consideration and our utmost effort to make sure that this high-traffic zone in your house gets the best quality services possible. In your kitchen, we take care of tidying and cleaning the different surfaces present. Tables are cleaned along with the seats and chairs. The floor will be vacuumed, and the doorknobs or handles in the kitchen will be wiped and cleaned. Furniture and kitchen appliances such as your microwave, fridge, and oven will also be cleaned externally as well. You can request internal cleaning of kitchen appliances if necessary. Your kitchen will be left expertly cleaned and looking fresh with a shimmer to the whole area. Our team will even remove the trash and eliminate any garbage present. Your items in the kitchen will be handled delicately and treated with care. Every one of the surfaces present in the kitchen, including your cupboards, sink, floor, tabletop, and more will be cleaned and wiped down until they sparkle. Shimmering counters and perfect cupboards are what we hope to provide for you. Ultimately, a brilliantly cleaned kitchen is what we will provide you with.

Obviously, your living room will not be completely spotless as most family members or guests tend to occupy that space, so there’s always hustle and bustle around. There’s constant movement in this region of your home, and this could end up causing a mess for you. You don’t have to stress by any means as our trained cleaning staff will ensure that every part of your living room is cleaned. We at All Clean By Anabelle start cleaning any room or area of the house in a way where we don’t leave any space behind. Making sure that we cover every area and expertly handle all types of messes are what we are known for. We start by clearing and dusting spider webs or cobwebs, cleaning light fixtures, and surfaces of furniture in the living room. Your blinds, windows, and other furniture will be dusted and cleaned. We cautiously dust trinkets and other artifacts while we stay away from breakables and delicate items based on the instructions and requirements you may have where you’ve indicated we shouldn’t come in contact with certain objects. Our housekeeping experts get rid of dirt by vacuuming and cleaning the entire area. Your shelves, nightstands, racks, sofas, or couches, floors, tables, and other types of furniture present in the living room will be cleaned to perfection. You can also request personalized services based on your needs.


You can benefit from our house cleaning services in Winnipeg in a weekly, biweekly or monthly manner. Any recurring option can be chosen as per your convenience. All you need to do is contact us and book your quote. 


  • We will tidy up the surfaces in your room such as the tables, windows and floor.
  • Your room will be cleaned to give an agreeable and quiet climate.
  • In the wake of cleaning the room’s furniture and tidying, we will organize everything there.
  • We will toss out the garbage and ensure that the whole room smells fresh.
  • Your bed will be cleaned up and made with clean covers.
  • Your mirror will also be cleaned to sparkle and look unblemished.
  • Any kind of trash, residue, dust, dirt and spider webs or cobwebs will be eliminated.
  • The door handles in your room will be wiped and cleaned to be sanitized properly and disinfected.


  • Your restroom will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to make sure it is hygienic.
  • We will clean and clean the floor of the bathroom and the tiles.
  • The window, windowsills and cupboards in the restrooms will be dealt with by cleaning and scrubbing them.
  • The surfaces in the bathroom will be cleaned to ensure that they sparkle.
  • The junk and trash present will be emptied and thrown out.
  • Your shower, washer as well as the dryer will be cleaned to look perfect and flawless.


  • The kitchen sink will be disinfected and cleaned.
  • Kitchen apparatuses and surfaces will be cleaned.
  • Your cupboards will be cleaned and wiped.
  • The floor will be cleaned and the garbage will be removed.
  • We will clean your tables, seats and apparatuses or appliances.
  • Your kitchenware and furniture will be cleaned.
  • The whole kitchen will be tidied and sanitized.

Other Living Areas

  • We will tidy up the surfaces in your room such as the tables, windows and floor.
  • Your room will be cleaned to give an agreeable and quiet climate.
  • In the wake of cleaning the room’s furniture and tidying, we will organize everything there.
  • We will toss out the garbage and ensure that the whole room smells fresh.
  • Your bed will be cleaned up and made with clean covers.
  • Your mirror will also be cleaned to sparkle and look unblemished.
  • Any kind of trash, residue, dust, dirt and spider webs or cobwebs will be eliminated.
  • The door handles in your room will be wiped and cleaned to be sanitized properly and disinfected.

All Clean By Anabelle in Winnipeg
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History of Winnipeg

Nestled at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, Winnipeg stands as the capital and largest city of the Canadian province of Manitoba. As an essential hub of commerce, culture, and history, this vibrant city has undergone a remarkable transformation over the centuries. In this SEO article, we will take a captivating 1000-word journey through the history of Winnipeg, exploring its indigenous roots, colonial past, and its evolution into a thriving modern metropolis.

  1. Indigenous Roots and Early Settlements

Long before European explorers set foot on Canadian soil, Winnipeg’s region was home to Indigenous peoples, notably the Anishinaabe, Cree, Ojibwe, and Sioux. The area offered an abundance of resources, including bison, fish, and wild plants, sustaining these vibrant communities for thousands of years. Winnipeg’s name itself has roots in the Cree language, meaning “muddy waters,” referring to the silt-laden rivers that merge within the city.

  1. The Fur Trade Era

The 18th century saw the arrival of European fur traders, most notably from the Hudson’s Bay Company. Winnipeg’s strategic location at the junction of major river systems made it a pivotal trading post. The Hudson’s Bay Company established Fort Gibraltar in 1809 and Fort Douglas in 1812, leading to increased interactions between the Indigenous populations and European traders. This marked the beginning of the fur trade era, which significantly influenced Winnipeg’s early development.

  1. The Selkirk Settlement and the Red River Colony

In 1812, Thomas Douglas, the 5th Earl of Selkirk, founded the Red River Colony to offer a fresh start to displaced Scottish crofters and address social issues back home. Despite facing initial hardships and conflict with the Hudson’s Bay Company, the colony flourished, and the settlers began cultivating the fertile prairie lands, embracing their Scottish heritage.

  1. The Metis and Louis Riel

The Métis, a distinct cultural group of Indigenous and European descent, played a pivotal role in shaping Winnipeg’s history. As tensions rose between the Métis and the Canadian government, the iconic Métis leader, Louis Riel, emerged as a prominent figure. His leadership in the Red River Rebellion of 1869-1870 successfully negotiated Manitoba’s entry into Canadian Confederation, ensuring Métis rights and land claims.

  1. The Arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway

In the late 19th century, Winnipeg’s destiny took a dramatic turn with the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in 1881. Winnipeg became the western terminus of the CPR, becoming a major transportation and trade hub, further solidifying its position as the “Gateway to the West.” The city’s population soared as immigrants and entrepreneurs flocked to capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities.

  1. Boom and Bust: Winnipeg’s Golden Era and the Great Depression

The early 20th century marked a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity for Winnipeg. The city experienced a booming economy, fueled by its position as a central grain and agricultural distribution center. Elegant buildings adorned the streets, showcasing the city’s newfound affluence. However, this golden era was short-lived as the 1929 stock market crash triggered the Great Depression, plunging Winnipeg into economic hardship.

  1. Winnipeg General Strike of 1919

In May 1919, Winnipeg was the battleground for a monumental event in Canadian labor history – the Winnipeg General Strike. Over 30,000 workers from various industries walked off their jobs to demand better working conditions and the right to collective bargaining. Although the strike ended in violence and arrests, it catalyzed labor reforms and brought workers’ rights to the forefront of the national agenda.

  1. World War II and Post-War Development

During World War II, Winnipeg actively contributed to the war effort, with its factories manufacturing military equipment and its citizens enlisting in the armed forces. The post-war years saw Winnipeg transitioning into a modern city, witnessing significant urban development and infrastructural growth. The construction of the iconic Winnipeg International Airport in 1958 further connected the city to the rest of the world.

  1. Cultural and Sporting Heritage

Winnipeg’s rich cultural diversity has been celebrated through various festivals, including Folklorama, the world’s largest and longest-running multicultural festival. The city also boasts a strong sports heritage, being home to the Winnipeg Jets (NHL) and the Blue Bombers (CFL). The iconic Investors Group Field hosted the Grey Cup and other national sporting events.

From its Indigenous origins to its status as a bustling metropolis, Winnipeg’s history is a tapestry woven with diverse threads. The city’s journey through time is a testament to its people’s resilience, determination, and adaptability. As Winnipeg continues to evolve, its history serves as a foundation for a promising future while honoring the legacies of the past.

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